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The insurance industry has reduced their unfair treatment of injured victims to a science. Insurance companies routinely do everything within their power to force unfair settlements on injured and vulnerable families when families need help the most.

Bruce Robinson and Associates is effective at protecting our client’s rights; we earn that reputation by spending little to no time with insurance adjusters whose sole mission is to delay and deny valid accident claims. Instead, we file suit and get into court as quickly as possible to protect and enforce the rights of our clients and their families. We simply do not let insurance companies delay claims, we do not recommend low and unfair settlements which insurance companies offer to close cases quickly to maximize their own corporate profits at the expense of injured victims.

Bruce Robinson & Associates handles all forms of serious and catastrophic personal injury cases including car, truck and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian, dog bite, bicycle, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. If you desire a free and immediate consultation on your case or just want an opinion, call or click anytime as there is never any fee or expense to you unless we win your case.

Selecting the right attorney: Meet our trial team


We know you have a choice when selecting a law firm and it is important to understand that not all lawyers are the same; therefore, the decision that you make regarding representation can have a significant impact on your future. Robinson & Associates has endeavored to build the most aggressive, knowledgeable and resourceful trial team possible to enforce and protect your rights. Our trial team consists of a former State’s Attorney and former public defender, in addition to our seasoned litigators; a trial team bred to fight in court! In addition to our litigators, our trial team also consists of a board certified surgeon, a nurse, and a former insurance adjuster, all focused on one thing – to force insurance companies to accept responsibility for the reckless acts of their insured’s and to fully and fairly compensate injured victims and their families.

The corporate insurance industry will try all kinds of unscrupulous tricks like extending low-ball offers upfront to entice vulnerable families to settle serious claims early; they attempt to get recorded statements from injured folks immediately after an accident so they can use those statement against them later in court. They attempt to delay claims with the hope victims will get tired and settle. They then go to court and deny responsibility for claims all together. We do not allow such nonsense, we take them to court early and often so they learn that we do not play games; rather, we get their attention quickly and keep them focused on what’s important – you!

Winning strategy for you

Our team of trial attorneys has been hand selected over many years. We have developed a winning team of trial attorneys, including a doctor and nurse in order to provide our clients the best, most knowledgeable team possible. At Robinson & Associates, you can expect a high level of client service in a warm and professional environment while being assured that we provide a full service team ready to aggressively pursue your case. Our former insurance adjuster helps ensure both sides of your case are thoroughly evaluated to further minimize insurance company nonsense and game playing.


teamThe combination of our expansive and talented litigation team and in-house medical experts helps us to fight the large corporate insurance industry on a level playing field. As such, our litigation team has achieved some of the highest trial verdicts at the time they were achieved, in their respective counties.


Experience counts! When retaining a litigation team to protect your family, consider the experience and results of the team, the size and resources of the firm, their desire to go to court on your behalf and their ability to successfully take your case all the way. There is a cognizable difference between small and solo practitioner lawyers versus trial firms with multiple lawyers with a wide array of litigation experiences and knowledgeable and caring support staff. Some lawyers may not desire to take your case to litigation, at Robinson & Associates, that’s where our story begins -not ends!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case and to fight for your family; to force the insurance industry to do the right thing. In our over twenty years of experience, we have successfully pursued the most difficult cases that other firms have turned away from. While all cases and results are different, we have a variety of case resolutions over a million dollars.

Convenient for you

We are available anytime, by phone, computer or in the office with evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. If you are unable to make it to our office, we can come to you. Please call or click anytime (before speaking with the defendant’s insurance company) for an immediate and free case review, call 410-844-0235.

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Medical Staff

Board Certified Surgeon on staff to assist in the evaluation, preparation and presentation of Medical Malpractice Cases. The insurance companies have doctors on staff to defend their claims, we have top notch medical resources in-house to protect and advance our client’s claims.

  • Bruce Robinson Avvo Top Contributor 2012
  • Bruce Robinson Avvo Clients' Choice 2012
  • Bruce M. Robinson - Superb Rated Attorney
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Certificate of Completion - Bruce M. Robinson

Client Testimonials

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for taking my case and winning BIG! My case sat for several years because nobody would take it. You took it shortly before limitations ran and got what I am told is one of the largest verdicts in Queen Anne’s County [well into six figures]. I am grateful for the late night and weekend meetings. You are a caring and skilled attorney.

- Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Dear Bruce:

You remind me of the energizer battery! You just keep going and going. From the time you beat up on my insurance company recovering hundreds of thousands of past due disability money, through my social security case and my accident case, you never let up. It is our privilege to call you our family attorney.

- Woodbridge, Maryland

Dear Mr. Robinson:

With both my husband and myself being seriously injured in our car, I had no idea how we would make it through, we couldn’t even make it in to your office. You were right though, from your first visit to our house through the settlement of our claim. You were always in our corner and we could not have been happier with your office and your staff. Thank you!

- Baltimore County, Maryland

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Verdicts & Settlements

Motorcycle Accident

Settlement: 1.1 Million

Auto Accident Personal Injury

Verdict: $508,938.86

Auto Accident-Wrongful Death

Settlement: $625,000.00

Car Accident Spinal Cord / Leg Injury

Settlement: $800,000

Auto Accident Wrongful Death

Settlement: $875,000

Auto Accident Injury to Leg

Settlement: $425,000

Car Accident Back Injury w/ Surgery

Arbitration Award: $250,000

Truck Accident Eye Injury

Verdict: $266,000

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