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Archive for April, 2015

New Safety Features Reduce Car Accident Risk

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

What’s the hottest new thing in car design? It isn’t all about sleek looks and fast engines; at least, it’s not just about that. More and more frequently, we are seeing safety become the top priority for car manufacturers and consumers, and a slew of new safety features are becoming standard parts of any new car you buy. These safety features can be instrumental in reducing your risk of getting involved in a car accident. Read on to find out more!safety-features-car-accidents

What Are Some of the Latest, Most Popular Car Safety Features?

  • Back-up cameras. Backing out of a tight parking spot can be more than a little bit risky, but back-up cameras seek to eliminate this risk. Back-up cameras included as a standard vehicle feature can help drivers see any obstacles or other vehicles behind them.
  • Parking assistance features. Parallel parking is every driver’s nightmare, but with the new parking assistance features built in to car models, it doesn’t have to be. Computer technology facilitates your parking with size detectors and cameras.
  • Sideview assistance. While you should always be sure to check your blind spots as you drive, sometimes other vehicles can come up out of nowhere! Sideview assistance uses either light or sound alerts to let you know when there are cars in your blind spot, preventing you from turning into them accidentally.
  • “Smart” cruise control. With specially-designed sensors, your “smart” or adaptive cruise control can adjust to keep your pace consistence with that of the rest of traffic, saving you from rear-ending the vehicle in from of you or getting involved in another type of car accident.
  • “Smart” braking. Like adaptive cruise control, smart breaking is used to stop the vehicle when the driver fails to respond to a collision warning. These autonomous breaking systems can do wonders when it comes to preventing car accidents.


Research Recent Recalls to Reduce Car Accident Risk

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

In 2014, an astoundingly large number of vehicles were recalled by their manufacturers for various defects that affected performance and, in some cases, increased the risk of a car accident. That record-making year may have a challenger in 2015, however, as we have already seen many top companies recalling vehicles only four months in to the year. To ensure that your car is safe to drive and will not put you in danger on the road, read on for an overview of vehicles that have been recalled in 2015.

Consumer Info: 2015 Car Recallscar-recalls

In order to stay safe on the roads and reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident, it is important to know that your vehicle is a reliable one. The following list includes some of the vehicles that have been recalled so far this year:

  • Nissan Rouge. The Nissan Rouges from the 2014 model year have been recalled recently due to a faulty Bosch fuel pump. The pump’s nickel plating can flake off and jam the impeller, which could lead to the vehicle’s engine spontaneously shutting off.
  • BMW 18, 054, 2-,3-,4-Series. These BMW models, also from 2014, have the same fuel pump issue as the aforementioned Nissan models do. The recall is intended to prevent drivers from encountering engine failure, which could lead to serious consequences.
  • GM’s Buick Encore and Chervolet Trax. These vehicle models from the 2015 year have been found to have a serious issue with their power steering systems. An electrical fault could lead to power steering failure, which could all-too easily put drivers at high risk for a car accident.
  • Honda Pilot, Civic, and Accord. From the 2008, 2004, and 2001 model years, respectively, these Honda vehicles are being recalled for faults found with the airbag deployment system. The airbags, made by the now-infamous Takata Corporation, need to be replaced in order for the vehicles to be safe to operate.
  • Kia Soul EV. The 2015 model of this electric car has been recalled by the manufacturer due to an issue with the accelerator pedal. The pedal has been discovered to be fragile and prone to fracturing, which could jeopardize a driver’s ability to control their vehicle and avoid a car accident.


Maryland Looks to Cure Distracted Driving “Epidemic”

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Maryland state troopers and the Department of Transportation have partnered together in order to crack down on distracting driving this month. Distracted driving has been described by many as an “epidemic;” countless people talk on the phone, text, or are otherwise distracted on the road, which puts every driver at greater risk for a car accident. Read on to learn more about what the state plans for its April campaign to stop distracted drivers and how you can stay safe behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving Leads to Car Accidents, State Troopers Aim to Stop Itdistracted-driving-crackdown

The main goal of state troopers this month is to stay on the lookout for drivers that are not paying attention while out on the road. Regardless of what the distraction itself is, distracting driving is a dangerous habit to get into, and no matter how difficult breaking that habit may seem, it is absolutely vital that it is done. Troopers will try to help put a permanent stop to distracted driving by ticketing those drivers whose behavior is putting other people at risk on the road.

The car accidents caused by distracted driving can not only lead to injury and severe damages, but they can also prove to be fatal. According to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, distracted driving car accidents in 2013 alone led to over 3,000 deaths. A good third of this number were teens or young adults, Foxx said, and the primary form of distraction was determined to be texting. In distracted driving car accidents that were not fatal, 424,000 people sustained some kind of injury, ranging from minor to severe.

How Can I Help Put a Stop to Distracted Driving and Reduce the Risk of Car Accidents?

While the Maryland state troopers and Department of Transportation will be putting forth their own efforts this month to stop distracted drivers, you can do your part as well. If you know you are often distracted by your phone, for instance, make a pledge not to use it while you are behind the wheel. If this is a challenge for you, make it easier by putting your phone on silent and storing it in the glove compartment for the duration of your drive. No phone call, text message, or email is worth putting your life and others at risk. If you are expecting an important call and know you must answer it, first pull over into a parking lot or somewhere else that is safe, stop your car, and then proceed with your call as normal. You can also encourage your friends and family not to drive distracted!

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Punitive Damages May Be Sought By Car Accident Victims

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Up until now, Maryland law has not allowed for car accident victims to seek punitive damages in cases involving a drunk driver. This means that injured individuals could seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages incurred by their accident, but that they could not actually pursue a route of punishment for the at-fault driver who put them at risk in the first place. But with a recent bill that has been approved by the State Senate moving on to seek approval from the House, this could soon change. Read on to find out more.

Maryland House Will Vote on Punitive Damages Bill for Drunk Driving Casespunitive-damages-drunk-driving

The Maryland State Senate recently approved a bill that would change the structure of a typical car accident case. Instead of merely being able to file claims for medical care and pain and suffering damages, victims of drunk drivers would also be able to file claims for punitive damages. Punitive damages punish the at-fault driver by requiring they pay, essentially, for their negligence, and these payments act as a deterrent towards similar behavior in the future. (more…)