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Bruce Robinson & Associate’s mission is two-fold. Build the strongest, most experienced litigation team possible while providing outstanding customer service. It’s a simple mission but so many firms seem to misunderstand these important concepts.

While protecting the rights of Maryland’s injured victims for over 20 years, our attorneys are constantly involved in litigation with other law firms; whether fighting the defense industry or helping injured victims. Early on in my career, I used to scratch my head at the level of customer service other firms provide, the lack of return phone calls, the inability to speak with one’s own lawyer in a timely fashion, the apparent lack of caring and disorganization, etc. I made it our mission early on to be there for the client and their family, to return calls as quickly as possible, to provide timely information and to generally be a support mechanism as opposed to the bottleneck in the litigation process. After all, being sucked into litigation at the hands of a careless and reckless defendant and being involved in a situation for which you bear no responsibility, is bad enough. Compounding that injustice with the added pressure of not being able to communicate with one’s own legal team members in a reasonable and timely fashion is more than anybody should have to endure. We get that. We are here for our clients when they need us to be.

Having recognized that, it is equally important to build the best trial team possible to achieve favorable results. The corporate insurance industry wastes no time building their case to protect and defend their financial resources. We must be more aggressive in our efforts to protect our clients. Our team of trial attorneys includes a former State’s Attorney, a former public defender, a former Maryland State Trooper-10 year veteran of the police force and a law professor. Our lawyers like to fight for our clients! Why is this important?

What you will find is that some law firms approach personal injury cases with the singular thought of settling them for whatever the insurance company is offering. That is not our position. At Robinson & Associates, we file suit as quickly as possible to get your case into court, many times not even dealing with the insurance adjuster. We are not interested in the scraps the insurance industry is offering in order to make your case go away, we are interested in taking what is fair and reasonable under the circumstances of each case we handle in order to protect our clients rights. It is for that reason that we have hand selected, over many years, a team of the best and brightest litigators who enjoy going to court and fighting hard for our clients.

The unscrupulous steps that the insurance industry takes to limit their exposure is without equal. One example of this dishonest behavior is when adjusters call an injured victim as quickly as possible following an accident (maybe the same day) to “check in” and to get a recorded statement! The purpose of the recorded statement is to attempt to use that statement later in court against the injured person giving it. It is a nasty little trick they use and one that every victim should be aware of. In other words, do not speak to the insurance company of the defendant until and unless you have retained competent counsel of your own. The insurance company is not your friend and nothing they do is out of kindness or caring for you.

The bottom line is it is perilous out there; dealing with large corporate defense insurance is not easy and should not be taken lightly. Robinson & Associates clearly understands that and it is our mission to protect, defend and advance our client’s legal interests.

Contact our legal team as soon as possible following an accident or injury (before speaking with any insurance representative) and see the difference we can make for you! Call us anytime day or night at 410-844-0235.

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Medical Staff

Board Certified Surgeon on staff to assist in the evaluation, preparation and presentation of Medical Malpractice Cases. The insurance companies have doctors on staff to defend their claims, we have top notch medical resources in-house to protect and advance our client’s claims.

  • Bruce Robinson Avvo Top Contributor 2012
  • Bruce Robinson Avvo Clients' Choice 2012
  • Bruce M. Robinson - Superb Rated Attorney
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Certificate of Completion - Bruce M. Robinson

Client Testimonials

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for taking my case and winning BIG! My case sat for several years because nobody would take it. You took it shortly before limitations ran and got what I am told is one of the largest verdicts in Queen Anne’s County [well into six figures]. I am grateful for the late night and weekend meetings. You are a caring and skilled attorney.

- Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Dear Bruce:

You remind me of the energizer battery! You just keep going and going. From the time you beat up on my insurance company recovering hundreds of thousands of past due disability money, through my social security case and my accident case, you never let up. It is our privilege to call you our family attorney.

- Woodbridge, Maryland

Dear Mr. Robinson:

With both my husband and myself being seriously injured in our car, I had no idea how we would make it through, we couldn’t even make it in to your office. You were right though, from your first visit to our house through the settlement of our claim. You were always in our corner and we could not have been happier with your office and your staff. Thank you!

- Baltimore County, Maryland

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Verdicts & Settlements

Motorcycle Accident

Settlement: 1.1 Million

Auto Accident Personal Injury

Verdict: $508,938.86

Auto Accident-Wrongful Death

Settlement: $625,000.00

Car Accident Spinal Cord / Leg Injury

Settlement: $800,000

Auto Accident Wrongful Death

Settlement: $875,000

Auto Accident Injury to Leg

Settlement: $425,000

Car Accident Back Injury w/ Surgery

Arbitration Award: $250,000

Truck Accident Eye Injury

Verdict: $266,000

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