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Want to Avoid an Accident? Sticking to Speed Limits Go a Long Way

While there’s no way to be 100% sure that you will never get into an automobile accident, obeying speed limits can both greatly reduce your risk as well as the damage that is caused in the case of an accident. Not only will obeying the speed limit reduce your risk for an accident but it will also help you avoid a ticket! In today’s blog, we offer some tips and advice on how to keep your speed under control in order to avoid getting into an accident.


Obeying the speed limit can prevent an accident.

Want to Avoid an Accident? Sticking to Speed Limits Go a Long Way

Watch yourself to avoid tailgating

If you notice yourself tailgating, chances are you think you’re doing it because the other person is driving too slowly. By riding them closely, the logic is that they will automatically speed up once they get the hint. However, oftentimes the driver in front of you is actually going the speed limit which is lower than you realized. If you frequently find yourself tailgating, check your own speed limit to be sure you’re not the one causing the problem.


Keep the 3-second rule in mind

To monitor your own driving speed, test it with this neat little trick. As you are driving behind a car, pick a landmark outside of the car to keep an eye on. Once the driver in front of you passes the landmark, start counting. You should not reach the landmark until 3 or more seconds have passed or else you know that you’re driving too quickly and too close behind the other driver. Take caution not to take your eyes off the road during this test.


Pretend you see police

While you’re driving, pretend that you have seen a police officer monitoring speeds on the side of the road. What would you do? If you would automatically slow down, this means that you’re driving too fast and should proactively reduce your speed. If you wouldn’t change your behavior, congratulations on driving at a safe speed!


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