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Maryland Personal Injury Laws You Need to Know

After an accident, Maryland laws restrict your ability to file a claim. There are a number of laws and deadlines that you must be aware of in order to effectively navigate the insurance system. In this week’s blog, your Maryland personal injury lawyer explains the ins and outs of fault, insurance laws, and deadlines so that you can be confident in your knowledge of how to file a personal injury claim.


Misunderstanding Maryland personal injury laws could cost you the compensation you deserve.

Maryland Personal Injury Laws You Need to Know

Shared fault

Maryland is an at-fault state, meaning that whoever is found to be at fault for causing the accident is also responsible for paying for incurred damages. However, when it is found that both parties contributed to the accident then the victim is barred from collecting any damages from the other driver. For example, if another driver turns left into your path and causes an accident then it will likely be found to be 100% their fault. However, if you were driving over the speed limit then you may be accused of contributory negligence which would disallow you from collecting any damages from the other driver, regardless of the fact that the accident was mostly their fault.

Lawsuit deadlines

The statute of limitations (i.e. the window of time in which you are legally allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit) in Maryland is set at 3 years after the date of your accident. There are some exceptions to this rule (such as if you want to bring suit against a state government agency, when you have only one year to file a claim and 3 years to file a lawsuit) but in most cases it holds true. Because of this deadline, it is important to file a claim in an expedient manner so that if things don’t go according to plan you will still have time to pursue alternate paths.



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