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I cannot get my lawyer on the phone and I have questions, what should I do?

Do you have a court case in the near future and need to contact your lawyer? Are you wondering what is going on in your case, and cannot get your lawyer to return a call? There are some things you can do to contact your lawyer if phone calls are not returned.

If the office is not too far, you should go by the office and leave a note for the lawyer to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Leave at least two phone numbers that you can be reached at as well as the number of a friend or family member so that the lawyer has a few different options of getting in touch with you. When you go by the office, leave a detailed message about what you need to talk to him about. If the lawyer is in the office, see if you can speak with him before you leave. If he has to get to court or another appointment, you can at least let him know that you need to speak with him in person. Your attorney should be able to fit in a call or meeting with you within a day or two of your request unless he is involved in a trial.

Another option is to send a letter or email. You can also send a certified letter so that you will know when the office receives the mail, attorneys seem to pay particular attention when a certified letter is received. Most attorneys have an email address so that you can contact them, a few emails to the attorney should also result in return communication.

Having said the foregoing, the truth of the matter is in this day and age of constant emails and mobile phones, any attorney that is unable to return an email or call within 24 to 48 hours of your request may not be worth the trouble. Any lawyer that is worth his salt should be able to get back in some form fairly quickly unless they are in the middle of trial or on vacation, in which case somebody else in the office should get back to you. If you simply can’t get a hold of your lawyer and they refuse to get back to you- you may want to consider another law firm with a higher level of customer service.

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Medical Staff

Board Certified Surgeon on staff to assist in the evaluation, preparation and presentation of Medical Malpractice Cases. The insurance companies have doctors on staff to defend their claims, we have top notch medical resources in-house to protect and advance our client’s claims.

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Client Testimonials

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for taking my case and winning BIG! My case sat for several years because nobody would take it. You took it shortly before limitations ran and got what I am told is one of the largest verdicts in Queen Anne’s County [well into six figures]. I am grateful for the late night and weekend meetings. You are a caring and skilled attorney.

- Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Dear Bruce:

You remind me of the energizer battery! You just keep going and going. From the time you beat up on my insurance company recovering hundreds of thousands of past due disability money, through my social security case and my accident case, you never let up. It is our privilege to call you our family attorney.

- Woodbridge, Maryland

Dear Mr. Robinson:

With both my husband and myself being seriously injured in our car, I had no idea how we would make it through, we couldn’t even make it in to your office. You were right though, from your first visit to our house through the settlement of our claim. You were always in our corner and we could not have been happier with your office and your staff. Thank you!

- Baltimore County, Maryland

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Verdicts & Settlements

Motorcycle Accident

Settlement: 1.1 Million

Auto Accident Personal Injury

Verdict: $508,938.86

Auto Accident-Wrongful Death

Settlement: $625,000.00

Car Accident Spinal Cord / Leg Injury

Settlement: $800,000

Auto Accident Wrongful Death

Settlement: $875,000

Auto Accident Injury to Leg

Settlement: $425,000

Car Accident Back Injury w/ Surgery

Arbitration Award: $250,000

Truck Accident Eye Injury

Verdict: $266,000

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