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Car Accident Risk Increases With Maryland Summer Storms

Earlier this week, severe thunderstorms hit Maryland and led to a large amount of rainfall flooding the roadways. The rain was so significant that it is being named as one of the primary causes of a massive 21-vehicle accident that occured on southbound I-81, according to the Maryland State Police. State troopers have determined that both the rain and the resultant road conditions were contributing factors to the accident, reminding all Maryland drivers of the importance of driving safely during poor weather conditions. Read on to learn more about avoiding a car accident during summer storms.

Safe Driving Practices To Prevent Car Accidents in Bad Weathercar-accident-storms

Maryland sees many heavy thunderstorms throughout the course of the summer. For drivers who are caught out on the road when one of these storms hits, safety is the primary concern. If you are driving out in a summer storm and want to prevent a car accident from happening, be sure to…

Turn your headlights on. Turning on your low beam headlights will not only illuminate the road in front of you, but it will also make it easier for cars approaching from the opposite direction to see your vehicle.

Slow down. In any risky driving conditions, one of the safest choices you can make is to reduce your speed. Slow down to allow yourself more time to brake and to avoid the risk of hydroplaning on wet asphalt.

Find a place to park. If rain is coming down hard, it can severely impair your ability to see the road in front of you. In such a case, it may be prudent to stop your car altogether and to wait for the rain to subside: find a parking lot or the shoulder of the road to stop for a while (keeping your lights on so that your car stays visible).

Weather-related car accidents are not restricted to the ice and snow of winter; summer is a season of heavy storms and rains that can make driving conditions very risky. Any steps that you can take to drive safely during a thunderstorm will reduce your chances of being involved in a dangerous car accident. Take care while out on the road and be sure to practice safe driving at all times.

Maryland Car Accident Attorney

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