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What Factors Increase Car Accident Risks?

On a day-to-day basis, we take a wide range of precautions to ensure our driving experience is a safe one. We buckle our seatbelts, make sure that there is enough air in our tires, obey traffic lights, and sometimes even adjust our routes to take us through less congested roadways. But even with all of our efforts, there is always the risk of becoming involved in a car accident when out on the road. Read on to discover what some of the top risk factors for car accidents are and how you can become a better, safer driver by avoiding them.

car-accident Car Accident Conditions: What Makes Driving So Dangerous?

 Car accidents kill tens of thousands of people every year, and cause countless more injuries to drivers and passengers alike. The risk factors that make car accidents so common can be broken down into a few main categories: the time of day, distractions like texting and unsafe drivers and driving practices.

 Car Accidents and Time of Day

 As you might imagine, the times of day when many people are out on the roads present some of the highest risks for car accidents. Rush hour, both in the morning and in the evening, constitutes a dangerous time to be on the road. But an even higher number of car accident fatalities occur during a time that you may not have considered: from midnight to dawn. While the roads may not be crowded at these hours, people may engage in unsafe driving practices at these times.

 Car Accidents and Distractions

 With cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players dominating our lives, it comes as no surprise that these devices can become distracting. But when they become distractions for you while driving, they can really increase the risk of a car accident. Distracted drivers who are talking or texting can easily cause a crash; even taking your eyes off of the road for a moment to change radio stations can be risky.

 Car Accidents and Unsafe Driving Practices

  While certain factors, such as the time of day, are out of drivers’ control, the way in which they choose to drive is not. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to engage in incredibly unsafe practices on the road. Speeding, changing lanes without checking blind spots, cutting off other drivers, and other unsafe behaviors not only increase the chances of a car accident, but can also get drivers in trouble with law enforcement. Avoid both risks and drive safely!


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