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The Guide to Protecting Yourself from Motorcycle Accidents

While a motorcycle may be your preferred mode of transportation, it is important to note that it is an inherently riskier choice than a car which generally results in far more serious injuries to the rider.  Without being in an enclosed space or having airbags, you are more exposed on a motorcycle and thus are more susceptible to injury. Other drivers on the road should take responsibility and take this into account when they are driving next to you on your motorcycle; if they do not, it could lead to a serious accident. To avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident, read on to discover some helpful tips!

motorcycle-accidentMotorcycle Accident Prevention: The Key to Your Safety on the Road

One of the most important things you should bear in mind when you are riding your motorcycle is that other drivers are much more accustomed to looking out for other vehicles. Cars and trucks stand out, while motorcycles can often fall into other drivers’ blind spots, or simply be overlooked by them altogether! You can take this knowledge and incorporate it into a defensive driving technique by making sure that other drivers perceive you and know where exactly you are headed. Signal when appropriate to indicate your chosen path, stay within view of other drivers’ mirrors, and pay close attention to the movements of other vehicles when riding your motorcycle. Driving defensively and anticipating the mistakes that drivers will make by failing to see you is a very important safety step. Simply by being hyperaware of your surroundings, you could reduce your chances for a deadly motorcycle accident.

Another “trick” that motorcyclists can use to avoid injury on the road comes into play whenever they are at a stop sign or a red light. Rather than stopping in the center of the lane, position yourself slightly to the side (tapping your brake lever to flash your lights and alert drivers behind you). This helps you to avoid being “rear-ended” by a fast-moving car; if you are hit with a centrally-focused force this can lead to serious injury.

Motorcyclists, like any other drivers on the road, need to be aware of road conditions in order to stay safe. If roads are wet or icy, as they are especially likely to be now during winter, take extra caution around curves or in shaded areas that might be concealing black ice. The more cautious you are, the better your chances are of staying safe.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Maryland

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident despite your best efforts to stay safe, then you are not at fault and deserve fair and appropriate compensation. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are generally more extreme and significant than standard car accidents, and only with the help of a qualified and aggressive attorney can you set about putting things right with the insurance company.

Maryland Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a motorcycle or car accident that was not your fault, please call Bruce Robinson & Associates anytime day or night. Your consultation with our trial lawyers is free and if we can help you, your case will be handled on a contingency fee basis, which means no out of pocket fee or expense to you.  For a free consultation with our experienced trial lawyers, contact Robinson & Associates at 410.415.3841 or click today for your free consultation. We look forward to helping you!


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