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Punitive Damages May Be Sought By Car Accident Victims

Up until now, Maryland law has not allowed for car accident victims to seek punitive damages in cases involving a drunk driver. This means that injured individuals could seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages incurred by their accident, but that they could not actually pursue a route of punishment for the at-fault driver who put them at risk in the first place. But with a recent bill that has been approved by the State Senate moving on to seek approval from the House, this could soon change. Read on to find out more.

Maryland House Will Vote on Punitive Damages Bill for Drunk Driving Casespunitive-damages-drunk-driving

The Maryland State Senate recently approved a bill that would change the structure of a typical car accident case. Instead of merely being able to file claims for medical care and pain and suffering damages, victims of drunk drivers would also be able to file claims for punitive damages. Punitive damages punish the at-fault driver by requiring they pay, essentially, for their negligence, and these payments act as a deterrent towards similar behavior in the future.

This bill represents a major change in approaching punitive damages claims, which, as Maryland law has stipulated up to now, are exceptionally difficult to obtain. A successful punitive damages claim, prior to the passing of this bill into law, would require the lawyer of the victim to prove that the at-fault driver intended to cause harm, which is virtually impossible to prove unless under the most specific circumstances. The bill, fortunately for car accident victims, removes this impossibility from the equation and makes claiming punitive damages much more accessible, with the aid of a qualified attorney.

Car Accident Victims Seeking Punitive Damages in Drunk Driving Cases

This new punitive damages bill will be able to help car accident victims in more ways than one. Not only will victims be able to gain full compensation for their injuries, but they will also be able to have their stories truly heard. Without the parameters set forth by this new bill, the current law would stand; this law does not require a drunk driver’s defense team to acknowledge that their client was drunk, only that they were responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries. With this key piece of information now available to judges and juries, car accident victims will be able to be compensated in a manner appropriate to the losses they’ve sustained.

Maryland Car Accident Attorney

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