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Does Upcoming Cold Weather Mean Higher Car Accident Risk?

With the change in season comes a whole host of new risks to contend with on the road. Weather conditions can often affect how we drive, how cars operate, and how the road itself feels underneath our tires. So as the temperature drops, does the risk for a car accident inversely rise? Read on to find out more about staying safe on the road in fall and winter and how an experienced attorney can help you in the event of a car accident.

When is the Worst Time of Year to Drive?

Weather conditions of all kinds can make driving more difficult, but the conditions associated with cold weather can have the biggest impact overall. On average, snow and sleet conditions contribute to over 200,000 car accidents per year, snow and slushy pavement contributes to roughly 175,000 car accidents, and icy pavement contributes to a little over 154,000 accidents. These weather-related car accidents have been responsible for hundreds of deaths, and tens of thousands of injuries. While many drivers opt to stay off the roads in the event of a major snowstorm, the aftermath of a snowfall creates just as many if not more risks; melting snow can collect in dips and cause cars to hydroplane, ice creates a slick surface that is hard to see, snow can weigh down and break branches off of trees that can then collapse onto the roadway or a car. All of these factors pose enough danger to an individual driver; with other drivers on the road facing equally big challenges, the safety of everyone is put into jeopardy.

Car Accidents in WinterProtect Yourself in Winter from Car Accident Risks

The best way to reduce your risks for being involved in a car accident in fall and winter is to exercise caution when faced with extreme weather conditions. Do not drive at all if you can help in when there is heavy snowfall, reduce your speed on icy or slushy roads, and pay close attention, particularly at night, to patches of black ice that can form when the sun sets. But as cautious as you are, nature is something you can never fully prevent against or predict. That is why it is an essential part of your driving preparedness for this season to know a reliable, experienced attorney who can help you with your car accident case. Contact Bruce Robinson today to get the answers to your car accident questions.

Maryland Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a cold weather-related accident or any other type of car accident, call the trial lawyers at Robinson & Associates. Your consultation with our firm is free and if we can help you, your case will be handled on a contingency fee basis, which means no out of pocket expense or cost to you.  For a free consultation with our car accident lawyers, contact Robinson & Associates at 410.415.3841 or click today for your free consultation. We look forward to helping you!

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