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Winter Storm Bozeman Sets Up Season of Car Accidents

This past weekend saw a powerful winter storm, dubbed “Bozeman,” wreaking havoc across the country. The Northwest saw the earliest effects of the weather, while later on states as far eastward as Ohio experienced them. Winter Storm Bozeman, which consisted of heavy snow, freezing rain, and ice, knocked out power lines, brought down trees, and caused many car accidents, some which resulted in fatalities. The latest news shows that at least 11 individuals have died due to weather-related car accidents due to this storm, and with hundreds of these incidents being reported, there are many more injuries as well. So is this early winter storm system an indication that weather will only get worse as the season goes on? Read on to find out more.

Winter Storm Bozeman Winter Storm Bozeman: A Warning Sign to Drivers on the Road

 While there is no way at this point in time to predict with 100 percent certainty that similar storms will ravage the country all the way through March, it is important to note the scale of the damage inflicted by Winter Storm Bozeman. Thousands are still without power, hundreds of school closings have been reported, and national flights have been delayed or canceled, stranding people at airports. But perhaps the biggest impact of this storm has been the one it has had on the roads. Car accidents due to limited visibility and slippery ice have been reported in every state that Bozeman affected and with so many resulting in injury and fatality, it is necessary to see this as a warning sign for the remainder of the season.

 Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads in Winter Weather

 Knowing what we now do about the extremely hazardous driving conditions created by Winter Storm Bozeman, it is important to know what steps to take in the event a similar storm hits our region of the country in the coming months.

-First, pay attention to weather reports. If a storm is projected to come your way, go out and collect the supplies you will need before it hits, i.e. flashlights, batteries, non-perishable foods.

-Do not leave your home during a storm unless it is an absolute emergency. If you are not at home, stay in whatever sheltered place you can until the snow stops falling and weather conditions look more favorable. If that means getting stuck somewhere overnight, remember that the daylight will greatly improve visibility and it is worth your safety in the long run.

-If you must leave your home for an emergency, be extremely cautious on the roads. Use your headlights, even in the daytime, so that other drivers can more easily spot your car, and drive slowly. Make sure you have good control over your breaks.

-After the storm passes, remember that the roads may still not be safe. Watch out for patches of black ice or slush that have formed, as these can be extremely slippery. Again, only drive when you must, and ideally, wait for the roads to be salted before you go out.

 Maryland Car Accident Attorney

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